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I am beginning to offer some items with pay pal links to order online, and new 'Mojo Warrior' items as well!

      Dawghouse Merchandise!

Carl Henry and Tony Berci Live From Paradise Valley!

This release is made possible totally through my friends, who donated all services to create this cd! Ten songs and some stories, all recorded live!

Songs: 1) Love Ya, Hug Ya, Squeeze Ya, 2) Once There Lived A Fool, 3) I'm In The Mood, 4) Detroit Stomp, 5) Hobo Blues, 6) Southbound Home, 7) I Got The Blues, 8) Bad Ass Avenue 9) At Last, 10) Mean Town Blues

$15.00 plus shipping and handling

Mojo Warrior Patch

Many have heard of my facebook group the "Mojo Warriors" who believe as I do in the healing powers of group prayers, which I do believe saved my life. Be a 'Mojo Warrior' and wear this patch, which is both iron on, and sewable, and declare your power of the mojo too!

Price $5.00 plus shipping

Fifteen songs total with eleven original songs, that brings you my style of Detroit boogie and blues!

Price is $15.00 and that includes shipping!

Available by email only for now at the "Dawg Mail" link below, soon to be available world wide!




The Detroit Blues Society has a project, chaired by Wolfgang Spider, which strives to put headstones on the unmarked graves of our blues legends who have passed on. We recorded a fundraising event held April 18th,2010 at Callahan's in Auburn Hills,MI which is being released as the Detroit Blues Society Headstone Project (NCP131) with all funds going to help fund the Headstone Project. The Carl Henry Band, The Alligators, Little Sonny, and Roni Collins all played their hearts out for their lost brothers in arms.

You can order this cd from this link at No Cover Productions and support this great cause! Cost is $15.00 and includes shipping!


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