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Here's the tale about 'Are The All The Same'. Believe it or not, this song was written before 9/11, and before our invasion of Iraq. I saw what our future was becoming, I believed, and I still do. And I also know the people who are eager to invade anyone aren't the people who have to land on a hot landing zone with a gun in their hand, shooting and getting shot at. It's real easy for someone to pick a fight. It's just never easy to fight it after you pick it. Our men and women overseas, no matter if they are in Iraq, Afganistan, or South Korea, or anywhere in the world are the bravest souls. They back up what a politician wont stand for. They are great because they try to bring humanity, even while carrying a rifle, to places in the world where there never has been any.

I played this song at a fundraiser for the Canton Public Library here in Michigan, and was accused of being against our women and men overseas. Nothing could be farther from the truth. But how long do we have to sit and watch our own politicians tell us that people are out there to kill us, when the truth is, most people out there just want to be left alone, to their own brand of religions, and their own style of freedom. I think most of the problems of the world today are unfortunatly caused by us. Big business, and our government are one and the same, and they want to own the world.

And that is how this song came to be. I'm against killing, for any reason, I am against war...there still is today no reason that people everywhere on this world, or any other can't live in peace and harmony. Anyone who tells you different is looking to get something they want.

While I am here, I have to give a shout of deep appreciation to Detroit's entertainment publication The Record, and Joe Juliani for printing the lyrics for this song in their entirety in the November 2006 edition. They get it.

          Are They All The Same

Copyright (c) 1998 Carl Henry.

Bombs and clouds of dust arise
Where once the sun it met my eyes
No ones your brother, everyone's a friend
There's a few who ain't comin' back again
And we cant help but wonder
If the cost of all this thunder
Is really truth

Throughout time men have killed men
In the name of right they claim to defend
But it's what's left at the end of the day
That wracks their insane brains away
When the smoke slightly clears
And you realize through tears
It's a buryin'


Are we still fighting in vain
Is death just an end to the pain
Who the hell makes up the rules
Is it presidents, kings or fools
Or are they all the same

You ain't got time to think
When your in the midst of war and stink
Of guns and guts and powder smoke
And it's win or lose and go for broke
But even death has it's own ebb tide
And when the bombs and shit subside
It's sorrow

There is no God I see In a firefight on a hot L.Z.
And he sure as hell wont be found
In a half dead soldier on the ground
Rackin' in another round,
Wishin' he was heaven bound
Or gone to hell


I say a prayer for all of man
To just c'mon and take a stand
All it takes to stop death today
Is put your god damned gun away
Drive that beast into the ground
And when the guns no longer sound
Real freedom rings


...Tell me they're not the same
I believe they're all the same

Joe Creed

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