About this song...

The story behind "All About The Money" is a simple one. All I had to do was just watch the news, which usually disgusts me on a daily basis. The cocaine woman was Carmen Electra, in her crazy days of being married to Dennis Rodman, and the whole bit. Busted for cocaine possession that would have sent you or I to jail, she paid a fine instead of ever seeing prison bars.

Social Security? Your government taking care of you? When they tell you that run! Government was never made to take care of us, it is meant to be taken care of by us. Freedom isn't free.

I'm proud to say this song has been taught in public school here in Michigan. Somehow I never thought I'd see the day I could say that about one of my tunes.

           All About The Money

Copyright (c) 2002 Carl Henry.

I'm so tired of playing this stupid game
You work and ya slave, and life just stays the same
You live till next week, and start all over again
In the quest for a dollar, that you never get to keep my friend


It's all about the money
Paper piece of American pie
It's all about the money
Gotta have more till the day you die
It's all about the money
Save your dimes, the dollars fly away
I'm singin blues, tellin it true
A dollar oughta be on the flag pole flying today

Here in Michigan just the other day
This airhead actress doin coke in a car on a tray
She gets busted, but she dont go to jail
Probation for the rich, while we all rot in hell


Well I may never write myself a hit song
But I wont ever ask myself Carl Henry where'd you go wrong
Because I refuse to play this stupid game
Because if you ever get real money, you aint never ever the same


When you get old Uncle Sam'll take care of you
Give you a shot once a year keep away the flu
But you best not count on Social Security
Aint enough there for beer money, just you wait and see



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