About this song...

One of the beauties of life, is that when one door closes, sometimes another opens. I had just closed one, opened another... But when you open the new door, you always are hoping it's the last door you have to open. Funny isn't it? Though we all have the strength to open all the doors we need, we can't help but be worried walking over the threshold.

This song held that hope, and promise for me. (still does)

For you songwriters out there...this is one of the songs from my own life. Written about my dreams and problems. You have yours too, and they are all worth making your own song about. People relate to this song I think because everyone has to open those new doors. Hope all yours are good ones that you write about.

            I Wonder If I'll Ever                  Find My Home

Copyright (c) 2006 Carl Henry.

I am a restless man, never like it where I am
That's a bad thing
I pull the heavy load of a drifter on the road
That's a sad thing
....but it's true
Still I wonder if I'll ever find my home

Gotta find a place of peace, to put my mind at ease
and understanding
No more would I ramble, and live on the gamble
of travelling
...would you?
Still I wonder if I'll ever find my home

Well I've had all I can handle of the rounder and the rambler
that I am
Gonna leave this lonesome town, I'm tired of being 'round
things I cant stand
...I'm so blue
Still I wonder if I'll ever find my home

I got a little gal, she has been a stand up pal
and that's a good thing
But to myself I must be true, until my days are through
I need understanding
....I need you
Still I wonder if I'll ever find my home

Perhaps upon a river with nothin' more to give her
than lovin'
I can finally rest my soul, and wander then no more
a peaceful feelin'
...with you
Still I wonder if I'll ever find my home
Yes I wonder if I'll ever find my home

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