About this song...

As I mentioned over on the Writin' page, this song came out of one single line. "You can't get much for fifty dollars these days". So one day I sat down and thought about it. About all the places that a fifty could travel, and even unknowingly how it may end up back in your own hand again.

There's something about money, especially in larger dominations that always tends to lend itself to something seedy. I had just got back from a road trip, and had saw many of the trucker's "highway heaven hookers" hanging out in some of the truck stops. Truckin' is a lonley business, I guess...so anyway that's where it started, and my imagination did the rest.

Now, at the end I did something I've wanted to do in a song for a long long time...I added a little suprise unexpected twist at the end. After all I never pass up a chance to have a little fun.

      The Ballad Of Fifty Dollars

Copyright (c) 2006 Carl Henry.

Somewhere near Salinas, almost to the county line
Saw a trucker happy, damn near satisfied
Woman from the local choke and grease just slid into his truck
He gave her fifty dollars, she said he was in luck
A half a hour later she was back to fryin' ham
And the ballad of fifty dollars, there it had began

That damn 'ol fifty dollars, she made inside the truck
She gave it to her dealer for a little pick me up
The dealer he had rent to pay, long since overdue
Landlady took it gladly, and again the fifty flew
She took the fifty some up town, inside her little fist
Gave it to a grocery boy with a face all full of zits

He put the fifty in the till, right on that very spot
And there it sat most all that day, until he made his drop
The fifty flew into the corporate profits of the store
'Till the brother of the owner took the fifty out once more
His anniversary that night had him out buying cards and gifts
And the fifty was reborn again, in yet another shift

The fifty wasn't tired though and left the old gift shop
When the trucker walked into the place in our twisted little plot
The trucker rambled through the store, conincidence in hand
Bought something for his daughter, laid a c-note on the man
The fifty once more with the trucker, in his wallet it again stopped
And the trucker gave his daughter some flowers in a pot

Then later near Salinas lord, out near the county line
Saw a horny trucker happy, damn near satisfied
The woman at the local choke and grease slid again inside the truck
Got the same ol fifty dollars, and once more he was in luck

Now the moral of this story, is that money's just a tool
Don't care if you believe it, but if you dont you just a fool
Don't care if your a dealer, or a grocery boy with zits
It leaves you and it finds you, sometimes it just sits
Might be in a wallet, might just be in a little fisted hand
But a single fifty dollars, and ruin any man

So listen to the ballad of fifty dollars I once knew
And if your near Salinas, dont let it get a hold of you
I wouldn't reccomend you stop, and eat a slab of ham
Cause the lady there who serves it...is secretly a man
Yeah, leave that fifty right alone, forget about the ham
Cause the lady earnin' fifty's is secretly a man

....can't get much for a fifty these days peoples...mercy

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