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"Last Of The Desperados" was one of my most complicated songs to write, so I've decided to include it here. It was made up with this in mind: It isn't easy being a songwriter and making a living, though it's what I have chosen to do. I knew I would take this path some time ago, but that didn't make it any easier. There are times in this business that your going to want to quit, plain and simple. But if you care about songwriting, and entertaining as your passion, as I do, then your going to want to leave the world with a song they can remember.

So I began this song with the tale of love, and instead of just saying music, I used the "woman" as a metaphor, symbolizing the music, and the love I feel for it. I'm pushing fifty years old now, and I have accepted the reality you'll never see me on MTV. And if this business I've chosen ever does "beat me down", and I leave it... this is what I'll leave it with as they play my dead march as they carry me along. I say that, because this is my last stand, and I'm going out of this one "feet first".


         Last Of The Desperados

Copyright (c) 2006 Carl Henry.


It's come the time, when perhaps i should write my last story
A simple tune, of a love carried on through time
The last stand, of this wandering desperado
To the night my friend, only a sad goodbye

I ran all the roads, to wherever life would lead me
The guitarslinger, with tunes from town to town
The women were sweet,but the music always sweeter
But not one could ever run, the desperado down

The hour was late, the cantina it was closing
The desperado snuck himself to town
To see at last, his lonley senorita
And drink the last of his tequila down

I knew that there, in the darkness they'd be waiting
They knew I couldnt leave well enough alone
But little they knew that this was what I wanted
A final blaze to lay the desperado down

I am the last of the desperados
The last bandito with no place to go
I am the last of the desperados
A wanted man, who gave his very soul

I'm a shadow in the wind, your one and only lover
A rumor in the night, perhaps you'd never know
I was the one, of whom your mother warned you
She had her own desperado long ago

She sang her song, her maracas they were shaking
Fire in her eyes, only a desperado knows
It seemed to make my tequila go down hotter
Back to the wall, I went to face them down


One last hurrah, one last and final glory
the bullets blazed, like lovers often do
And though it ends, it leaves a lot of memories
remember well,the desperado in you

The summers gone, and the winter it is closing
The bullets ran out, but ive few enemies left around
So i'll save this one for last, for the ones i leave behind me
It's all I'll have, to give you when I'm gone

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